Smartphone holder from cardboard

A couch for
your smartphone

Makee videoconferencing
fun again

Craft set and practical helper for home office and video calls

Behind the name Grammophone® hides a cell phone holder made of cardboard. Our design ensures that the speaker and microphone are not covered (depending on the device type), making the Grammophone a perfect companion for video conferences, for example.

The smartphone will also be happy about a cosy sofa on the nightstand, in the park, on the beach or at the next cooking session.
No tools are needed for the playful assembly of the craft set.


  • Smartphone holder and passive speaker
  • Tinkering set can be built without tools
  • Suitable for smartphones with speaker below
  • Exciting advertising medium with Call-To-Action
  • Production in Germany
Grammophone - works for most speakers

As promotional product

Grammophone® has a unique „call-to-action“ as an advertising medium. While playfully assembling the craft set, the user forms a strong bond with the advertised brand and is ultimately delighted to receive a tangible product. Especially when it comes to the connection between a physical give-away and a digital application (for example, advertising a website, a music act, etc.), Grammophone® is an unerring gadget.

Target group

Especially when it comes to encouraging someone to perform an action in the digital space, such as visiting a website, Grammophone® is a perfect item. The sustainable craft set can be distributed as an onpack, at trade fairs and events, as a relationship gift with „call-to-action“, etc.

Grammophone - Bastelset für Smartphone-Halter

Customize your Grammophone set

The interior and exterior surfaces can be freely designed. For a simple implementation, the basic colors can be selected and individual areas are printed with your logo. For more extravagant variants, the Grammophone® can be printed with a „360° design“. You also have space for your message on the packaging. In addition, a model of your design is shown here.

Scope of delivery
Handicraft sets are delivered, which can be playfully assembled without any tools. This way, the user spends enough time to build a relationship with the advertised brand.

Function/suitable devices
With a width of 85 mm, almost every smartphone fits in the holder. For all devices where the speaker is positioned at the bottom (for example iPhone models), a bundling of the sound reproduction through the funnel is noticeable, resulting in a higher perceived volume.

Grammophone - Anleitung des Bastesets


Set in your design
consists of

1 Grammophone craft set
+ instruction/flyer with visualization of your design
+ polybag optional

Dimensions set

210 x 100 mm

Weight per set

approx. 29 g

Optional possibilities

  • Instructions in other languages on request
  • On request we can create a design for you

What can I design?

  • Simple design
    You send us color values and a logo graphic, we build the design for you
  • 360° design
    You design the Grammophone completely by yourself according to our templates

The manual is at the same time a folding flyer which we always provide with a
visualization of your design.

Material & Print

  • Grammophone: 350g cardboard, Invercote Creato, FSC certificate, offset printing
  • Flyer/Instruction: 300g paper, offset printing


Produced in Germany

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

For which devices is Grammophone suitable?

The surface of the support for the smartphone is 85 mm wide. The speaker should be directed downwards so that the sound is optimally conducted through the funnel of the Grammophone.

Ideally, the microphone is also located at the lower edge of the smartphone, so the funnel can also optimally transmit the sound from the surroundings.

Does Grammophone make the music louder?

First and foremost, the Grammophone’s funnel focuses the sound and directs it into the desired direction. As a result, the sound does not spread so much in the room and reaches the ear in a targeted manner. Some users perceive sound signals louder due to this effect.

Does Grammophone also work for video conferences?

Yes, that’s exactly why we developed Grammophones. If the smartphone meets the above-mentioned requirements, then the sound not only reaches the ear in a targeted manner, but the funnel also picks up the spoken word well and forwards it to the smartphone. Thus the transmission works in both directions due to the design. At the same time, the angle of the smartphone rest puts the conversation participant in the best possible light.

How difficult is it to build the Grammophone?

The craft set consists of two elements, namely the holder and the funnel. After these two elements are assembled separately, they must be put together. This poses the greatest challenge for some users. The average tinkering time should be five to ten minutes. Those who read the instructions in advance should be among the faster candidates ;).

Can I design Grammophone completely free?

Yes, all the outer surface can be freely designed all around if desired. The inside of the funnel also offers an attractive surface.

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