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Webcam Cover

PVC-free, sticks without adhesive, extra thin

Protects the privacy
of your customers

What is Camblock®?

Whether it is a webcam cover, cam cover, webcam covering, camera sticker or webcam blocker: many terms basically mean the same thing: A cover for the camera in notebooks, laptops, tablets & co. to protect your privacy.

Our Camblock® Webcam Cover is a simple but effective means of protection against unwanted observers. This way you protect your privacy even when your webcam is activated unnoticed by webcam hackers.

Our PVC-free special sticker sticks without adhesive to almost all smooth surfaces, is reusable and can be removed without leaving any residue. Thanks to its extremely thin design, Camblock is also suitable for most notebooks.

Camblock Webcamcover - Instruction

How Camblock works

  • Webcam hackers can get hold of your camera to watch or spy on you.
  • Camblock Webcam Cover detaches from the carrier card – sticks without glue, thanks to a microsuction effect.
  • Simply apply to the camera – no more chances for unwanted observers!
  • Removable from the substrate Multiple times and without any residue, clean with water if dirty.
Camblock Webcam Cover - Works with all kinds of devices


  • Secure protection from webcam hackers
  • Reusable, can be removed from the device without leaving any residue
  • Extra thin, e.g. also suitable for notebooks
  • Sticker in any shape
Angela Merkel shows Camblock sticker


„Everyone can protect themselves!
The technology, which is as revolutionary as it is simple, is made in Germany and is designed not only to protect employees of ministries and government agencies from having the still images from their screen cameras read by the British secret service. The high-tech gadget is also being made available to ordinary citizens by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The message is clear: everyone can protect themselves.

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As promotional product

Advertising in focus

Camblock offers an effective advertising space in the user’s direct field of vision. There are unique design options here for your advertising message.

What makes a webcam cover a good advertising medium?

A good advertising medium is characterized by the benefit for the user and this is not always easy with webcam covers. Not every webcam cover is automatically suitable for the user’s end device. At the same time, users want a solution that does justice to the fact that they want to cover several webcams.

Camblock is more flexible than almost any other cam cover:

  • You determine the shape, number and size of our reusable special stickers.
  • The carrier card for the stickers is implemented in your design
  • Optional: High-gloss foil pouches, on request also based on corn starch
  • Depending on the shape (which you can freely choose) suitable for different end devices
  • Removable residue-free, reusable
  • Extra thin, also suitable for most notebooks
  • Due to its light weight, Camblock is also an optimal mailing booster
That's how your Camblock set looks like

Customize your Camblock set...

Number of stickers
Determine the number of Camblock stickers. Our recommendation: Provide more than one device with a Camblock sticker. Choose several stickers, gladly also in different sizes and forms.

Sticker shape
Stage your logo or advertising message with a Camblock sticker in free form. This service does not involve any additional costs for you and makes Camblock a completely individual advertising medium.

Sticker size
As a guideline, we recommend the following sizes for the various devices:

  • Smartphone/Tablet: rectangular 8 x 12 mm or round 10 mm.
  • PC/Laptop: rectangular 13 x any or round 10 – 13 mm

Finishing of the stickers (optional)
For use on the smartphone, we recommend finishing the surface of the sticker. This protects the printed image and makes the Camblock more robust. For this you have two options:

  • Protective coating / light gloss, relatively inexpensive, recommended for all devices.
  • Doming / strong gloss, very robust and ideal for smartphones, due to the layer thickness rather unsuitable for laptops

Carrier card
Choose our standard format (business card size carrier card) or request a custom carrier card from us. Use the space for your personal address. If required, you are welcome to use our graphic elements, which we provide with our stand sketch.

Polybag (optional)
Our high-gloss poly bags give your Camblock set a valuable overall impression, intensively display the printed colors, and protect the product from wear and tear until it arrives at its place of use. Our poly bags are produced on the basis of corn starch.


Set in your design
consists of

Carrier card 2-sided
+ one or more stickers
+ polybag (optional)

Dimensions set

85 x 55 mm

Weight per set

approx.. 2,0 g

optional possibilities

  • Multiple stickers per carrier card
  • Polybag based on corn starch
  • Refinement by doming or varnish
  • On request we can create a design for you

What can I design?

  • Sticker can be freely designed in shape and size
  • Carrier card can be designed freely

Material & Print

  • Sticker: special foil, PVC-free,
    sticks without glue, digital print
  • Carrier card: 300g cardboard, offset printing


Produced in Germany

FAQ – Häufig gestellt Fragen

Why do I need a Camblock?

Webcams are ubiquitous in homes and businesses. The ability to capture situations with images at any time is at the same time a backdoor for unnoticed espionage. Privacy is a very high asset and should be protected.
Only a physical system can provide effective protection in this case.

Can I design Camblock myself?

Sure. Each Camblock is delivered on a carrier card. Both the Camblock sticker and the carrier card can be freely designed. The Camblock stickers can even be produced in freeform at no extra charge.

Can I have multiple Camblock stickers applied to one carrier card?

Yes, that is even recommended by us. Many users have more than one device with a built-in webcam anyway. Multiple stickers, even in different shapes, increase flexibility for the user.

How can I order Camblock as an advertising medium?en?

Call us or write us an email.
We have been dealing with this product since 2010 and are at your disposal with advice and support. Due to the manual assembly of our sets, individual product designs are usually possible. Our production in Cologne is flexible, fast and uncomplicated.

How does the Camblock stick? What is this cool material?

Camblock is made of a PVC-free synthetic paper. Micropores in the surface of the material suck to the surface of the device.

How long does a Camblock Webcam Cover last?

With good care, it can last for years. When used on smartphones, the printed surface in particular is strained a lot. For this, we recommend using one of our finishing options „Doming“ or „Varnish/Lack“. This will protect the surface. In general, it can be said that use on a smartphones is associated with a shorter service life than use on tablets and notebooks. This is due to the high loads to which Camblock is exposed here

Can I remove Camblock from my device without leaving any residue?

YES! This feature is very important to us. With Camblock, the webcam can not only be covered, but also reopened for use without leaving any residue on the device.

Is Camblock compatible with my device?

Basically, Camblock can be attached to any device that has a surface that is as smooth as possible and not too curved. The only hurdle is the size and the surface on the device. Here, both should fit well together.

Does Camblock affect the function of my device, except that the webcam can no longer be used for unwanted spying?

There are devices that regulate the screen brightness via the camera, for example. Although Camblock is conditionally translucent, a function like that can be affected under certain circumstances. If necessary, the automatic screen brightness should then be deactivated.

Will Camblock damage my device?

We are not aware of any material incompatibilities. However, we do not recommend placing Camblock directly on the lens of an optical device, such as a still camera.

Does Camblock come in other shapes?

Any shape can be realized by us upon customer request.

What is the minimum print run for customized production?

We can already produce very small runs from 250 sets completely individualized according to your wishes. Just ask!

How much do the Camblock webcam covers cost?
We will gladly send you an individual offer and/or our tiered price lists at any time. Just contact us.
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