New promotional product 2022

Analogue games
for smartphones

Don’t spin in circles,
better turn the wheel

TORQ – It’s your turn

TORQ® is an analogue game for smartphones that makes the hearts of game fans beat faster. Whether the cult game „Choice, Truth or Dare“, the classic „Spin the Bottle to Go“ or our „Goal Shot“, there are just games that you should always have in your pocket. And sometimes even difficult decisions become easy: With the TORQ „Decider“ the answer is found quickly.

The best thing about it is that TORQ still works even when the battery in the smartphone is already empty.


  • Analogue rotary wheel for smartphones
  • Fixed inner circle, rotating outer wheel
  • Can be designed freely – e.g. with classic games such as dice, spin the bottle, „choice, truth or dare“, or own game ideas
  • Protective foil (removable without leaving residues) prevents scratches on the end device

Dimensions, material, production

  • diameter: 55 mm / thickness: 2 mm
  • Material: Polycarbonate, PVC-free
  • Produced in Germany

As promotional product

TORQ - As promotional products

Let’s TORQ!

Torq not only cuts a fine figure as a give-away and on-pack, but at the same time its light weight makes it a perfect mailing amplifier. This item offers the opportunity to haptically experience an advertised brand in a unique way.

Design freedom

In addition to the suggestions from our game collection, you can also develop your own game and freely design both the TORQ itself and the carrier cards according to your wishes.

In this way, TORQ can also be integrated into campaigns or Zoom meetings, for example, without having to resort to a pre-produced standard design.

TORQ - Design/game samples

info & game collection

Here you can download an info PDF including a game collection.

Game classics or your own idea

TORQ offers you all the possibilities to freely design a creative game idea that perfectly fits your campaign. Alternatively, we provide you with a game collection of well-known „classics“ that you can use. Dice rolling, Spin the Bottle, „Choice, Truth or Dare“, Yes/No decision support or a horse race are just a few examples.

Scope of delivery

Sets are delivered, each consisting of a TORQ spinning wheel and a protective film for applying the TORQ to the smartphone, either in a polybag with carrier card or in high-quality cardboard packaging – all of which can of course be freely customized in your design.

Suitable devices / protective film / care

With a width of 55 mm, the TORQ can be attached to almost any smartphone. The practical protective film prevents the device from being scratched and allows the TORQ to be removed without leaving any residue. Should the TORQ ever become dirty, it can simply be clicked apart, cleaned and reassembled.

TORQ - Analogue games for smartphones: Design samples with carrier card and polybag

Variant A:
Carrier card/polybag

1 TORQ rotating wheel
+ protective foil
+ carrier card with instructions
+ polybag (optional from corn starch)

Dimensions & weight per set

85 x 55 mm / approx. 7,7 g

TORQ - Analogue games for smartphones: Design samples with cardboard packaging

Variant B:
Cardboard packaging

1 TORQ rotating wheel
+ protective foil
+ cardboard packaging

Dimensions & weight per set

70 x 70 mm / approx. 10,3 g

What can I design?

  • Simple design
    You choose a game from our game collection, adapt it to your corporate design and add your logo
  • 360° design
    You design your own game idea matching to your campaign. We are happy to support you!
  • Design by our graphic designers
    On request we can also offer you a design by our graphic designers

Material & Print

  • TORQ: Polycarbonate, PVC-free, digital printing or pad printing
  • Carrier card: 300g cardboard, offset printing
  • Cardboard packaging: 300g cardboard, offset printing
  • Protective foil: Self-adhesive foil (residue-free removable), PVC-free


Produced in Germany

Downloads & gallery

The images are available for free use. For higher resolutions please ask us.

Factsheet TORQ

Product information (PDF)

Product photos

Selected product photos from the image pool for free use.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Can I design my own game?

Yes, absolutely. Torq is a surface that wants to be „played on“ individually.

How long does TORQ rotate?

That depends on how skillfully the flywheel is set in motion. Experts come up with a fabulous 30 rotations, they say.

Can I clean my TORQ?

Yes, Torq was specifically designed to be easily clicked apart to remove dust and residue.

My TORQ does not rotate so well anymore, what can I do?

TORQ can be cleaned.
Lifehack: We have heard of users who have cleaned it with the help of a little salad oil. That sounds exciting – who has other ideas?

Can I remove TORQ without any residue?

Yes, the first step is to apply a protective film to the smartphone, which sticks without glue and can be removed without leaving any residue. Then Torq is glued onto this film.

Does Wireless Charging also work with TORQ?

That depends on the charger. Torq is only 2 mm thin and is therefore suitable for all wireless chargers that allow corresponding distances.

How is TORQ produced?

We produce TORQ in cooperation with partners from North Rhine-Westphalia. Made in Germany.

How did you come up with the idea for TORQ?

The smartphone is ostensibly used alone – by individuals. We wanted to make it a more social object, with which several people can experience something analogue together. Even if the battery runs out or the Internet goes down, Torq keeps on turning.

What is the Glow-In-The-Dark effect, what is a Mobile Phone Finder?

Optionally, Torq is also available in a version with afterglow color. Torq charges in daylight and glows in the dark. The trend for this effect appears every other year, but it has a very pragmatic meaning for us: Finding the smartphone in the dark, whether in bed or in a pocket, is easier with this option. It is also possible to play games in the dark, for example when traveling in a tent.

Of course, Torq does not glow green, as it might seem at first glance, but blue.

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